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Welcome to my floating-trap-castle!


Imagine you have your own castle in the sky, full of treasures where fantasy meets some kind of wacky humor. That is exactly what The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot offers, with tons of smart and funny comments, and deadly traps in floating castles. Ubisoft brings us this multiplayer game, in which your neighbors will test the real meaning of looting their own medieval castles with an Action RPG gameplay that satisfies all its fanbase through digital download.

The storyline is a really simple but effective plot. You are a newcomer to the Opulencia Kingdom in the sky, and so you have to build your own castle according to what you consider to be safe, with great defense and aesthetically-pleasing. Bear in mind that your neighbors will pay you a visit from time to time with zero good intentions, intending to take the treasures you have kindly collected from other players. Therefore, it is a good idea to introduce them to your fire-breathing dragon pet, if only to reconsider their position in your floating island.

Bear in mind that your neighbors will pay you a visit from time to time with zero good intentions, wanting to take the treasures you have kindly collected from other players

Technically speaking, this Action Strategy RPG is good, with a cheerful design for enemies and characters that seem to have been introduced from a canonical adventure cartoon series. For this, you will find charming evil chickens and deadly armored skeletons that wouldn't an eye at you, even if they had one left. In this aspect, although the game isn't particularly outstanding for it's graphic strength, The Mighty Quest’s visuals are nice enough for it not to ruin the experience.

Magic fire always works
Magic fire always works

Dungeon, Dragons Minion Domination

Before you start to play, choose from among any of the available classes for building your castle. At first you can only get the good-natured Painhammer Knight or the Blackeye Bowgart Archer, but spending Blings, (the in-app purchase monetization elements) you can choose The Earl of Evilosity Mage and the glass-cannon Runaway.

Variety when playing this free-to-play release is necessary for being the baddest neighbor ever in Opulencia. Fire traps, pendulum axes, spiked wheels or tentacles in barrels are some examples of the elements you can include in your majestic castle for the defense against enemy attacks. Additionally you can place all kinds of minions such as nose-picking Cyclopes, nice zombies all over the corridors, evil chickens and uber powerful dragons. All of these may not be enough for stopping other players, but you can at least try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Besides the player-created castle, you can customize your own character with additional clothes and equipment. Just like in an MMORPG, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a fully online multiplayer and bases its gameplay in this concept. For gaining more treasures, you will have to pass from the level editor to the action view in which the game changes completely into an Action RPG, controlling the hero you chose, using his skills surpassing the different traps your fellow neighbors place in their castles.

Say hello to my fearful friends
Say hello to my fearful friends

The Mighty Quest Full Version Features

Check the main features for this MMORPG release download for PC:

  • Compete against your friends to be the one who gets the biggest loot of all on the leaderboard
  • Build your own castle with all kinds of traps and deadly minions for boosting the defense of your treasures
  • Invade other player’s castles looking for the great loot, passing all the obstacles they put out to trap you
  • Different gameplay styles, such as building up your deadly castle and conquering your neighbors’ territory in the Action RPG mode
  • Customize your own character with the different items you get from your incursions
  • Four different kinds of heroes to pick from, such as Knight, Archer, Runway and an evil-doer Mage

For further details about the game before you get the download, feel free to visit the official game’s website.

System Requirements

Here you can find a list of the minimum requirements for this game release:

  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack version 3
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV at 3GHz
  • Video Card: DirectX 9 supported with 256MB
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • HDD Space: 600MB free space available

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